Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Coming and going.

I'm headed off to the airport this afternoon. Unfortunately I'm not the one who's going anywhere...

The airport can be a busy place. You've got to check in, check your bags, take off your belt, shoes, unload your pockets, not forget your book, and even if you carry your baggage on, you better be sure that you don't have a bottle of shampoo that's bigger than 3.5 ounces. All that said, it doesn't leave you much time to appreciate design.

Much the same as our homes, airports can be places that only see us coming or going. But next time you've got the chance (whether you're kicking off your shoes at your front door or at the request of TSA) take a look at the design around you. I think you'll find that wherever you are, there's always the chance to be inspired.

Here are some airport shots to get you started.

There's also some great shots at from their remodel of Oakland International. Web design by our friend Michael over at Exoatmospheric.