Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I'm Pumped!

Just got an early release copy of Sarah Suzanka's latest tome in her "...not so big..." series, Not So Big Remodeling.

Alongside co-author Marc Vassalo she's bringing her particularly rational and sensitive wisdom to bear on a discipline of residential design I find to be the most challenging: Remodeling. I'm like, "anybody can start fresh with new construction and tailor it to meet their needs. Try remodeling something sometime..."

Thanks to Suzanka's success in other aspects of her "not so big' uh, empire, her publisher appears to finally be open to letting the door for the rest of us be opened. Whatever the real reason is, we say go for it Sarah! (And Marc)

Supposed to rain this weekend... Thinking about cozying upnext to the hearth with this one. Will let you know what I think soon.

By: Steve Swearengen, Architect, LEED AP, CGBP

Steve Swearengen is an award-winning architect and the Director of Design for More Than A Carpenter.