Thursday, February 5, 2009

It's Not As It Seems

As the economy implodes all of us are scrambling to make sense of how this might effect our families, our lifestyles, and our employment. In desperation most of us are willing to try anyting (legal, that is) to feed our families. However, this can often have a downside for the consumer. It is especially true in my line of work, home remodeling. A few tools, a magnetic vehicle sign and viola... Bubba's Home Repairs... or better yet, when the new home builders are no longer cranking out the track homes hoards of laid off framers suddenly become "remodeling professionals."

I own a full set of mechanics wrenches and have a reasonable understanding of how a car works but I use my ratchet to assemble lawn furniture and tighten the legs of a table or chair, not to tune up my Prius or change the shocks on my wife's Mercedes. Just as automobiles have become sophisticated pieces of technology so our homes have become more than boards and nails. They are full of systems that effect issues of health and safety. They are generally the most valuable asset in our portfolio. And they are the one place we'd like to enter and shut the door on the hassles on the outside.

Most of us want to make things simpler than they seem. That way they will be less expensive. Yeah, right. My experience tells me that when I try to shortcut a process or take the less expensive way out I'm usually dreaming! And I wake up to a nightmare.

So in this time of economic challenge think twice and pay once. Consider hiring the professional to do his/her job. It is sooooo worth it in the long run.

By: John Ferguson Sr., CR, CGBP

John Ferguson Sr. is the President of More Than A Carpenter, an award winning Design/Build home remodeling company in El Cerrito, CA.