Monday, February 23, 2009

Oscar Time

Although not in real time, I was able to enjoy the Oscars because of our digital recorder. It was even more enjoyable because I could cut out the commercials and the categories I didn’t really care to watch. There was a different reaction by my wife at the other end of the couch. While I was playing with my favorite toy, the remote control, she assertively expressed displeasure with my fast forwards, skips and pauses. She is a ‘real time” girl and enjoys the journey. Me, I like the punch line, the results and the “winner is…!” Just get to the point! \ Kate, you deserved it Sean did too! And Amy Adams your dress rocked!

Consider me reminded that there are others in the room; people with valuable points of view and tastes, who might be as interested in the journey as much as the outcome. That’s why listening is so important to the design/build process. A project never truly becomes an award winner unless everyone on the team is valued. MTAC has never won a Grammy, but we have won our share of Remmies, the award of excellence given for outstanding projects by NARI. Each of those projects and wins were the result of a valued team.

As I arrived home this evening and headed for the family room to watch; I noticed that my daughter and a friend were already viewing in her room. “Don’t tell me anything,” I remonstrated. “I want to watch it myself!” Come to think of it, I guess I like the journey just as much as my wife … but at my speed!

By: John Ferguson Sr., CR, CGBP