Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Some of them will stink.

"Some of them will stink..." Those were the words of our Director of Design Steve as we discussed the idea of blogging and it's benefit to our company. The statement was in a response to my worry that not all of our ideas were exactly newsworthy, so why would anybody care? I suppose that's the difference between an architect like Steve, and a marketer like me.

When he has his design hat on, ideas are only concepts. They are the things that point to real solutions, and not always the solutions themselves. Every day he listens, and draws, and wads and throws, and draws some more until he solves the puzzle, and here I was, feeling like every post of this thing that didn't even exist yet needed to grab some readers that weren't even there.

The goal is to give you a true account of what life is like at our design/build remodeling company. Sure you read the shelter and trade mags, we all do. Only this will be a little more off the cuff, and a lot more behind the scenes. Expect to see pictures of projects (both amateur and pro), and to read posts about a lot of problems being solved by designer peeps and hammer swingers all under the same roof. Some of the problems will be about homes, and some will be about business. Some will undoubtedly be about us. Some won't be problems at all. We have a lot of successes too. Best of all we get to have a lot of really rad relationships with people who let us smash up there houses and put them back together. And there's also relationships with the awesome people who help us out. Anyway, the real idea here is to show you the process of the day to day.

So whether you're an architect, a designer, a contractor, a supplier, an estimator, an IT person (we love you), a craftsperson, an engineer, a marketer, an artist, a homeowner (which would be nice), or none of the above, check back and maybe you'll see something that interests you.

If there's anything I can promise, at least you'll be able to say "wow, some of those really do stink..."