Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Baseball and Remodeling

It happens every spring... Thirty Major League Baseball organizations spend March in the South to get ready for a 6 month-long season and 162 games. For some it's the chance to seek better weather, but for all it's a time to prepare.

In remodeling (just like in baseball) if you're going to be successful in Summer, you'd better get started in Spring. Here's a couple reasons why:

1. Just like a baseball team, with a remodeling team you have to know who's playing what position, and if the chemistry is there. Seasons and projects are both processes that have their ups and downs. And just like teams do in Spring training, it's important to start by evaluating goals together, that way the trust is always there.

2. Baseball teams and remodeling projects both take a while to plan. Only while baseball teams go South to prepare, remodeling projects get ready where they are. With either, the important thing is that they're ready when the season starts. For a baseball team it takes the players being in shape, and for a successful remodeling project the design needs to be in shape too.

If you started a remodel today, is your whole team in place? And if so, do you have a design that's in good shape?

Spring is the right time to be asking.

Go A's.